About Us

Who we are

The community of young professionals striving to inspire, engage, and develop a sense of belonging across the Duke family.

What we stand for

Our goal is that through everything we do, we promote compassion and a sense of belonging throughout the Duke community.

What we do

Create opportunities to establish genuine connections, develop your career as a young professional, and build meaningful peer-to-peer relationships.

Empowering Millennials

“Millennials are like professional athletes: When they finish college they chase after the most lucrative contract, but eventually, they care less about the money and more about winning a championship. What good is it to make a lot of money, if your job has no meaning?” 


—  Duke Health Employee

How we started

We, "a group of millennials", began gathering for dinners, happy hours, & professional events in the triangle area. We quickly realized that this sense of community was not afforded to all young professionals at Duke Health. We wanted change!

Why we started

We began this journey to impact the perception of millennials by empowering and embracing young professionals and those "young at heart" so that they understand their value within the Duke Health community.